AMA Parents

SEPTEMBER 2018 Family Newsletter

Hola familia!

Welcome back familias, haven’t you heard? Academia de Mi Abuela has been officially recognized as one of the best (top 3) Early Learning Centers in the city of Oakland.  Your input and reviews have travelled as far as,  Keep up the great job guys and let’s continue to foster our amazingly talented little-ones by providing the best quality care, and service to our beautiful community!

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Welcome new families!

As we continue to open our doors to new families, help us to welcome the new school families of:  Calder, Atreyu, Zion, Henry & Ryen, and Indie. Do not be shy, take the time to introduce yourself and meet the newest members of our community.



Online Payment through Brightwheel

Brightwheel, AMA’s new and first foremost new platform of communication has been a success.  Thank you for your support and feedback. Parents can now provide an automatic tuition payment (bank transfer) starting this month by registering on the app.  This is the prefered way to make a tuition payment before/on the 25th of each month.



AMA Curriculum~

This month, AMA’s Curriculum will be developed around the following topics /monthly themes:

School norms, routines & self-care

We seek for children to be acquainted with their surroundings. In order to gain a sense of social security, they first need to become familiar with their environment. Through this month AMA students will be practicing the when, the how and the what to do in each place in the school.


  • Where and how should children place their shoes?
  • What are the steps when using the bathroom?
  • When is it ok for children to be in the lobby?
  • Early literacy (letter-B)

Students will be introduced to tracing (writing development via los diarios) and identifying shapes they can use to form capital letter B, and ultimately reach capital letter B recognition, and phonemic awareness.  They will be singing about the B sound (phonemic awareness) and playing with related vocabulary words (rhyming).

  • Color-white

We seek to spark children’s curiosity by providing them the opportunity to experiment with white paint, combining it with different colors to develop diverse textures, and expand color I.D. vocabulary (secondary color development, etc.).

  • Number value and representation (number-2)

We will present to students the value and sense of number two in various ways (ex: the parts of the body. At the same time, the tracing and the recognition of the number will be introduced and practiced).

  • Spatial concept and shape recognition (triangle)

After introducing the triangle shape and name, students will be encouraged to find and relate the shape to different objects, and concepts in their everyday routine.

  • Family value of the month: cooperation/cooperación
  • We seek to form a classroom and preschool community in which all students have the opportunity to observe, inquire, teach one-another, work together with practice, and learn to become a cooperative member of the classroom community, this is the ultimate goal to achieve.

Save the Dates:

(Fall-Winter 2018)

*Dates and times are subject to change, RSVP required for school event/activity participation.


September 13th: Parent Meeting/POTLUCK @ 5:30pm-6:30pm (Parenting Tips by Dr. Duro)


  • Oct 1st – 12th:  Interactive Family Activity: “Dia de los Muertos” communal ALTAR (Bring family pics/objects AND shoe box 4 Show & Tell)
  • Casa Lila/Casa Sol @  9:30AM-10:30AM
  • Casa Lima/Casa Celeste @ 10:30AM-11:30AM
  • Oct 11th:  Parent Meeting/POTLUCK @ 5:30PM-6:30PM (Cultural Intelligence and Socio-Emotional Competence)
  • Oct 19th:  Indigenous Peoples’ Day/AMA CLOSED
  • Oct 31st:  Halloween Parade 3:00PM-4:30PM (early release/pick-up @ Montclair Park {adult chaperones needed)}


  • Nov 2nd: Parent’s Night Out/Student PJ & PIZZA Party @ 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Nov 8th: Parent’s Meeting/POTLUCK (What to expect during my Teacher & Parent Conference?)
  • Nov 12th- 14th: Casa Celeste Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Nov 15th – 19th Casa Lima Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Nov 21st   AMA CLOSED/Staff Professional Development Day
  • Nov 22nd – 23rd: Fall Break (AMA CLOSED)
  • Nov 26th-28th: Casa Lila Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Nov 29th – Dec. 1st: Casa Sol Parent/Teacher Conferences


  • Dec 7th: Field Trip (9:00AM-1:00PM/ALL CASAS, adult chaperones needed)
  • Dec 14th: Field Trip (9:00AM-1:00PM/ALL CASAS, adult chaperones needed)
  • Dec 20th: Winter Party: Parent Mixer & POTLUCK @ 6:00PM-7:30PM  
  • Dec 21st-Jan 4th: Winter Break (AMA CLOSED)

Thank you for your continued partnership and support. We look forward to having another memorable school year filled with fun learning and community building.


~AMA Director and Maestras