Ready to Join the AMA family?

Saludos familias!

We are now enrolling new students for the 2023-2024 new school year, to begin care in April-August!  In-person/Virtual informational tours for parents take place on T/TH at 10:00AM (per weekly availability, 45 min., parking available on campus).  Please send your inquiry to (510) 409-9771 (text message for faster confirmation response), or to book your tour today!  

Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to bilingualism, hands-on and cultural-immersion learning, social-emotional resiliency, nurturing and engaging care, and kindergarten preparedness.  We look forward to building a strong family partnership and loving relationship with your little ones.  Adelante!

En Comunidad,

~Cynthia Mendez Reimann
Head of School and Founder



The following forms are Academia de Mi Abuela (AMA) & CCL (LIC/social services forms) enrollment forms for parents to fill out to reserve their student’s enrollment slot for the 2023-2024 school year, is now available. Get ahead of the enrollment craze and lock-in your child’s slot today (to begin care April-August, first come & first served)! 

First, complete the Family History Application (FHA), then proceed to complete the student enrollment agreement (contract), followed by completing all of the county LIC forms (social services docs) and other AMA forms as they are listed below the FHA (click on first link below).


Emergency Medical Release (LIC627)
Health History (LIC702)
Identification & Emergency (LIC700)
Medicine Admin. approval (LIC9221)
Parents Rights Form #1 (LIC995)
Parents Rights Form #2 (LIC995E)
Personal Rights Form (LIC613A)
Physician’s Report (LIC 701)


The following AMA forms will be read and completed (IMS and FA docs. only, if applicable) by new parents by the child’s first day of care. 

*IF APPLICABLE FOR OAKLAND RESIDENTS: Financial Aid Application (Bartering Program for Low-Income & Subsidized Families)

Financial Aid Application


 We look forward to meeting your beautiful family soon, join the AMA family today! Adelante!