Yaneldis Diaz Pedroso, Assistant Director and Head Teacher

Yaneldis Díaz is an experienced bilingual teacher who resides in the Bay Area of North California. From a young age she opted to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Specialty: English language, in the University of Pedagogical Sciences “Enrique José Varona”, Cuba. She then continued her higher education in the states. During all her professional life, she has had the opportunity to exchange with children of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds.
2001 -2005 Teacher of English as a Second Language. (Havana, Cuba)
2005 -2014 Teacher of Spanish as a foreign Language. (Nassau, Bahamas)
2015 -2018 Bilingual preschool Head Teacher, Site Supervisor, and school age student after school head teacher.
She is currently employed at Academia de Mi Abuela where she humbly offers her teaching and leadership experience and expertise to help form and develop the necessary skills of our little ones, so they become the future generation we want them to be. Ms. Diaz is a certified Assistant Director and Head Teacher.

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