“Language and communication are at the heart of the human experience. The United States must educate students who are linguistically and culturally equipped to communicate successfully in a pluralistic American society and abroad. This imperative envisions a future in which All students will develop and maintain proficiency in English and at least one other language, modem or classical. Children who come to school from non-English backgrounds should also have opportunities to develop further proficiency in their first language.”  -Statement of Philosophy Standard for Foreign Language Learning.

Academia de Mi Abuela strives to create a community of diverse learners in which Spanish language acquisition is central to their everyday experience. Students learn about Xicano culture through dance, visual arts, music appreciation, meals, and history. Staff and families are reflective of our culturally diverse bay area heritage – we welcome families of all religions, ethnic backgrounds, gender, learning ability, physical impairment, socioeconomic status, and LBGTQ. THIS IS A SANCTUARY SCHOOL, ALL ARE WELCOME.

ECE Programs:

 Classrooms                         Age                         Schedule        Ratio     Teacher

  1. CASA LILA                2-3 years old         PT/FT/Drop-In     1:12       Maestra Valeria
  2. CASA LIMA               4-6 years old         PT/FT/Drop-In     1:12       Maestra Leonor
  3. CASA CELESTE       4-6 years old         PT/FT/Drop-In     1:12       Maestra Yaneldis
  4. CASA SOL                 2-3 years old          PT/FT/Drop-In     1:12       Maestra Lani

*Maestras Cynthia and Xochitl = School Wide T.A.’s/Subs. 


Daily Play Schedule

Food Supply