Sample Daily Schedule and Food Menu

2022 SAMPLE FOOD PROGRAM MENU (school-wide, families provide filtered water bottle, and food for students with special dietary needs and/or long day of extended care)

Monday— AM Snack: Cereal, Fruit, H2O, Lunch: “Quesadilla de Queso”, Lettuce & Tomato, Pear, H2O, PM Snack: Veggie Chips, Yellow Apple, H2O

Tuesday— AM Snack: Gram Crackers, Strawberries, H2O, Lunch: “Torta de Jamon,” Carrot, Pineapple, H2O, PM Snack: Pretzels, Orange, H2O

Wednesday— AM Snack: Toast w/ Jelly, H2O, Lunch: “Pizza de Queso,” Peas, Red Apple, H2O, PM Snack: Cheese Crackers, Banana, H2O

Thursday— AM Snack: Waffles, Pear, H2O, Lunch: “Frijoles con Arroz,” Corn, Orange, Cow Milk
PM Snack: Gram Crackers, Honeydew Melon, H20

Friday— AM Snack: Oatmeal, Green Apple, H2O, Lunch: “Nachos de Queso,” Cucumber Salad, Mandarin, H2O, PM Snack: Saltine Crackers, Gala Apples, H2O