School Tuition

Toddler/Preschool/TK, and TK-K After-School Care (pick up service & enrichment material cost included)

NEW extended childcare hours, M-F: 7:00AM-6:00PM COMING SOON!

NOW enrolling toddlers ages 18-month-old-to 6 y.o.

Tuition Rates & Enrollment Provisions~

2023-2024 FALL/WINTER/SPRING ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN! children ages 18 months-6 years old, Monday-Friday: 7:30AM-5:30PM, open year-round, rolling admissions, first come & first served based on availability, after-school TK-K enrichment aftercare pick up services from after school hours-5:30PM, M-F, extended care and drop-in care is available M-F: 7:30AM-5:30PM @ +$250/month added monthly flat tuition FEE, financial aid is available/subsidized families welcome—no one is turned down for financial hardship (ask about the family bater discount program)!

****NEW 2023 Friends & Family Referral Discount Program is now available. Receive -$250.00 on your monthly tuition or FREE extended childcare for 12 months when a friend or family member signs up for F-T care for 1 full calendar year, and so do you!)****

TODDLER/YOUNG PRESCHOOLER PROGRAM, 18 months-2 years old/Part-Time Rate, 8:00AM-5:00PM: 

2 days per week=$1,200.00/month, 3 days per week=$1,400.00/month

*Parents will supply weekly supply of diapers/pull ups, wipes, extra clothes, indoor shoes, sleeping mat and linens, 24-hours emergency backpack, 2 healthy snacks and lunch, reusable water bottle.

<enrichment + materials + toilet training 

TODDLER/YOUNG PRESCHOOLER PROGRAM, 18 months-2 years old/Full-Time Rate, 8:00AM-5:00PM:  

4 days per week=$2,000.00/month, 5 days per week=$2,200.00/month

*Parents will supply weekly supply of diapers/pull ups, wipes, extra clothes, indoor shoes, sleeping mat and linens, 24-hours emergency backpack, 2 healthy snacks and lunch, reusable water bottle.

<enrichment + materials + toilet training 

SENIOR PRESCHOOLER/TK PROGRAM, 3-4 years old/Part-Time Rate, 8:00AM-5:00PM:


2 days per week=$1,100.00/month, 3 days per week=$1,300.00/month

*Parents will supply extra clothes, wipes, indoor shoes, sleeping mat and linens, 24-hours emergency backpack, 2 healthy snacks and lunch, reusable water bottle.

<enrichment + materials

SENIOR PRESCHOOLER/TK PROGRAM, 3-4 years old/Full-Time Rate, 8:00AM-5:00PM:  


4 days per week=$1,900.00/month, 5 days per week=$2,100.00/month.

*Parents will supply extra clothes, indoor shoes, sleeping mat and linens, 24-hours emergency backpack, 2 healthy snacks and lunch, reusable water bottle.

<enrichment + materials 

AFTER SCHOOL SCHEDULE AND RATES: 4–6-year-old/Part-Time-Full-Time, M-F: 1:15/2:15PM-5:30PM, NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT BY MAY 19, 2023! Lock-in your slot today! From home page click on “school age after care program tuition” TAB for more details.
F-T Rates= $675.00/5 days, $575.00/4 days, P-T Rates= $475.00/3 days, $375.00/2 days, $275.00/1 day, +Annual Student Infrastructure Fee of $175.00 (P-T care=2-3 days), $275.00 (F-T care= 4-5 days) is due upon enrollment, *parents supply snacks and reusable water bottle, 

+WEDNESDAY early school release @ $175.00 ADDITIONAL MONTHLY TUITION FEE, -5% Sibling Discount, Subsidized Payment Welcome, Financial Aid available, Outdoor Play, Spanish Immersion enrichment, Drawing/Painting, Dance, Music Appreciation, Reading, Writing, And lots of FREE play!



Half-Day Schedule and Tuition Discount:

~AMA offers an AM half day schedule from 8:00am-12:00pm OR 12:00pm-4:00pm at a discounted tuition rate of -5%.  This discount applies to all classrooms, except the PM school-age program (see after-school enrichment rates) and applied towards each student. Parents must provide two snacks, lunch, nap time mat and linens, diapers/pull-ups and wipes, and a reusable water bottle. 

Enrollment Tuition Fee (slot reservation payment): 

The infrastructure fee of $575.00 is due upon child enrollment for students attending 4-5 days/week for F-T care, or $475.00 for P-T students attending 2-3 days/week, or $375.00 for half day schedules. This is a non-refundable and yearly infrastructure fee. This tuition rate is charged per participating child and is due, with that of the first month of tuition on the day of the enrollment meeting and by March 1st of each year (per enrollment renewal/child).  Once parent submit a full tuition payment and enrollment documents, and materials, the student will have a reserved childcare slot as indicated in the student enrollment agreement (contract).  There is a $75.00 waitlist application fee in order to be placed on the AMA official waitlist (contact AMA monthly to refresh waitlist interest). NOTE: AMA’s school aged program requires a $275.00/F-T student enrollment fee, OR $175.00/P-T student enrollment fee upon submittal of student enrollment contract (download from school website @ Admissions = student enrollment agreement), family history application and ALL LIC social services forms.  Financial Aid is available on a first come first serve basis, including –5% off half-day schedule OR elementary school sibling tuition discount, and -10% off sibling discount for preschool students.   

Drop-In and Transitional Child Care:

Drop-in childcare is available on a first come and first serve basis and ALL students must be fully enrolled with AMA to participate, including siblings.  There is a drop-in fee of $25.00/hour for all childcare that is considered drop-in or transition childcare for new acclimating students (see enrollment contract for details). Tuition payments must be made via bright wheel autopay billing. 

Sibling Tuition Discount:

The sibling discount does not apply to the enrollment fee.  The first child pays full price at the highest rate, while the additional (second) sibling pays -5% (school age) or –10% below the daily permanent and monthly childcare tuition rate.  Absolutely no childcare schedule changes (swapping days of care) including swapping barter agreement days of work, no refunds and prorated tuition due to child absence (vacation) will be honored.

Financial Aid Assistance and Subsidized Families:

  • Scholarship/bartering work hours, subsidized tuition rates/out of pocket tuition payment, and sibling discount may not be substituted, combined or traded in anyway. No exceptions. Bartering families will make up missing bartering work hours regardless of reason for child’s/parent’s absence within the next week of care to maintain active childcare. Childcare will be paused or terminated due to missing bartering hours and unpaid/delayed subsidized payment without prior notice, no exceptions.
  • Financial Aid assistance can be available for low-income families on a first come and first serve basis and depending on the urgency of need for the family.
  • NO ONE IS TURNED DOWN FOR FINANCIAL HARDSHIP, scholarships are very limited, first come-first serve based on childcare availability.
  • Parents will pay out of pocket for late pick up, payment fees and/or other tuition charges, including covering “full tuition rate” difference not covered by subsidy agency per month, including during holidays/school breaks. NO exceptions.  BW payment is due by 25th/month.

 Tuition Payment and Bartering Provisions for Subsidized/Scholarship Families:

  • Parents will provide an annual infrastructure fee and monthly tuition fee by the 25th/month.  Childcare services will not be provided for missing tuition payments, including short/missing subsidized monthly tuition.  Bartering work hours will also be completed by the end of each month. Tuition will not be prorated during school holidays, breaks, personal absences, vacation, etc. Tuition is due via BW auto-pay billing. No exceptions.      

Admissions and Waiting List Policy:

There is a non-refundable and one-time student application fee of $75.00child, who will place you on the student enrollment waiting list. Your check/PayPal payment (processing fee covered by family) will be cashed upon receiving the waiting list application, also known as the family history application. To lock in your student’s slot for either, immediate care services, or future services, parents will submit a full tuition payment, contract, ALL LIC Licensing forms, and family history application. AMA may enroll new families as far out as up to 12 months in advance per enrollment capacity availability, first come and first serve. Early planning is key to assure enrollment placement for your student. Rolling admissions is available during the calendar year. 

*Please mail-in your waiting list application, with an attached child photo and the application fee of $75.00 (or via PayPal) to 2162 Mountain Blvd., Suite #300, Oakland, CA 94611, ATTN: Administration Department. 

*We contact families on the waiting list according to a first come and first serve basis and we do not discriminate based on sex, gender, social and economic status, sexuality, etc. Provide three various childcare schedules (P-T care only) in the waiting list application.  The family’s top choice in childcare schedule will be seriously considered.

*We will offer childcare slots on a first come and first serve basis and according to schedule availability, teacher to student ratio, childcare capacity (licensing), and gender/linguistic diversity (etc.). AMA is open year-round and offers rolling admissions. 

*We highly recommend for parents to turn in the application of interest to enroll for each child (family history app.) and application fee of $75.00 after touring AMA for immediate waitlist placement. if still shopping around or 12 months out start date. Make checks out to Academia de Mi Abuela. Your child will be placed on the waiting list.  ALL currently enrolled families have priority in making changes to their current childcare schedule over waiting list applicants.

Enrollment Meeting and Reserving Future Care:

A complete enrollment packet, family photos, emergency packet items, and ALL tuition fee (enrollment packet, annual infrastructure and the first month of care tuition fee) are due upon the day of the enrollment meeting with both parents. Napping, diapering (clothing, shoes, socks, jacket, etc.) and meal items (2 snacks, lunch and reusable water bottle) are also due upon the first day of permanent childcare. See school web page for updated enrollment details. *See check off list posted on the school web page for details.  The first month of tuition and annual infrastructure fee is due upon child enrollment, along with the enrollment forms and materials listed in the “check off” list, and 24-hour student emergency backpack. 

Parents are responsible for making a full tuition payment for the first month of attendance and infrastructure fees of $475/$575.00 (total) by the time of the final, enrollment meeting. Your enrollment fee is due at the time of the enrollment meeting, before childcare commencement. *Also, this enrollment fee guarantees the childcare availability for your child at a future starting date. For example, if you are interested in securing a childcare slot for your child (up to 6-8 months in the future), parents will need to participate in ALL the enrollment steps, including making a payment for the first month of attendance, and the deposit/infrastructure fee. AMA highly recommends early enrollment of 6 months.

*****Tuition is due on the 25th of each month via bright wheel invoicing. *****

Late Tuition Payment, Early Program Exit & Bounced Check Policy:

There is a $50.00 late tuition payment fee, $100.00 early school exit fee, as well as a $35.00 bounced check fee. After the second late day, you will accrue a $25.00 late charge fee for every day that your full tuition payment is late. Your late fees will be included with your monthly tuition payment, along with any additional charges due to increased attendance, and are due by the first of the months. There is a $2.00/minute late pick up fee.  No temporary childcare schedule changes and/or permanent childcare schedule changes will be permitted at any time. NO breaks in care for more than 2 weeks and up w/out doctor note.  ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY THE 25TH OF EACH MONTH.   

Student Supplies and Equipment Provisions:

~Parents will provide 2 robust and healthy snacks and lunch, and reusable water bottle (filtered feature recommended), indoor soft sole shoes, sleeping mat and linens, weekly supply of clothing, art top, water play clothing/shoes/towel, weather appropriate layered clothing/shoes, diapers, sweatpants and pull-ups, and wipes for potty training.  

Other Enrollment Requirements and AMA policy:


*********All these items will be placed inside a child sized (small) backpack, which will be fully labeled with your child’s first and last name. Do restock and clean out your child’s backpack, and cubby storage space daily. Your child will wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes for daily active, outdoor activities.  NO TOYS, NO TECHNOLOGY, NO GUM & NO SWEETS PLEASE. THANKS!

  • Medicine will not be administered by AMA staff. Parents must administer medicine before dropping off, at lunch time and at pick up, as needed. 

*Students with food allergies and/or chronic medical illness must have an IMS signed by her/his physician and Meds must be stored inside original distribution package, containing student’s name on the front cover before starting care at AMA. The LIC medicine admin. form must be completed and physician’s report before starting care at AMA.    

-Socio-emotional development and toilet training may be assessed, before promoting the child to the next grade level (classroom), OR with holding the child back a school year (TBA). -Child assessment for an early promotion and transition promotion-plan will be permitted subject to teacher and administration recommendation, and with parent notification. -Children may participate in group activities in other classrooms and may be combined during the early morning and late afternoon school hours due to less children and less staff capacity. -In the event of understaffing, the Director (Cynthia Reimann, 510.409.9771) may participate in the coverage of classrooms and classroom combinations may be permitted for proper child supervision, and staff-to-child ratios.  This accommodation may occur at any given time and without prior parent notification, as needed for optimal student supervision.